99 Books 50 Year Anniversary Tribute to George Jackson The Freedom Archives Donate
This activity encourages participants to research and engage books from George Jackson’s library and think about transformative items in ones’ life.
Learning Style
Research / Critical Thinking
Participants will practice critical thinking and research skills, such as assessing specific subject-based resources.
1/2 Day
Intended Audience
High School or College Seminar

List of 99 books found in George Jackson’s prison cell. George Jackson Collection. The Freedom Archives.


Break the group into several small groups. Have each group select 1-2 books to research from George Jackson’s 99 Books list, then discuss what they learned from their research. Possible Discussion Questions:

  • What initially drew you to this title?
  • What did you learn from your research?
  • What could you find out about the author?
  • What are the main topics of the book?
  • What contributions do you think this book may have made at the time it was published?
  • Why do you think George Jackson kept this book in his library?
  • What books, podcasts, etc would make your list? Why?