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This activity is designed to help participants recognize advertising propaganda techniques.
Learning Style
Critical Analysis / Persuasive Writing / Visual Design
Participants will be able to differentiate among several propaganda techniques normally used by advertisers; complete worksheet on advertising strategies.
1 Day
Intended Audience
High School or College Seminar
  • Blackboard or overhead projector
  • Propaganda Techniques Handout


Homework Find examples of five different advertising strategies: students may cut out magazine or newspaper ads; they may also watch TV or listen to the radio. If the latter they must write down the company, product and summary of the ad. Tell us which propaganda technique is used and how you could tell.
Advertising strategies, propaganda techniques Pass out “propaganda techniques” sheet. Go over it with the students. Explain it is written for political persuasion but easily translates to ads. Check for understanding. Hand out advertising strategies worksheet. Have students do it in class.
Alternate applications quick write How do these techniques translate into other areas?
Discussion Ask students to share their thoughts on what other areas of life these techniques are used to persuade them. Government, media, religion, education, labor, military, etc., are all examples.

Student Assessment

Students will complete worksheet and bring in examples of advertising strategies.