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This activity encourages participants to assess online information on one personality; analyze and organize the gathered info for relevance; synthesize a written report on the chosen personality; deliver their reports in costume representing their chosen personality to the class.
Learning Style
Research / Writing / Performance
Participants will practice research, writing and public speaking skills by studying the history of prisons in the US and focusing on different political prisoners from dissidents to whistle blowers.
Intended Audience
High School or College Seminar
  • Access to library or internet
  • 3 handouts (provided)


Provide participants with instructions and handouts – have participants read out loud. Question participants for understanding.

Give participants time to choose their personality and do preliminary research. Have them use the Political Prisoner Student Worksheet/Project Notes to compile their research.

Use the Political Prisoner Web Research Guidelines to assess the information you’re finding.

Each political prisoner had his or her own personal story and personality. What did they all have in common? What made each of them unique?

Political Prisoner biographies are due on the day of participant presentations. On that day, participants come dressed as their chosen personality.

Participants will hand in written reports and present political prisoner bios. Fellow participants will have input the final assessment of the presentations.