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This activity encourages participants to work cooperatively in small groups; apply one of several propaganda techniques into a visual presentation; create a poster graphically representing their message to a target audience.
Learning Style
Critical Analysis / Persuasive Writing / Visual Design
Participants will practice using propaganda techniques germane to reaching a specific target audience.
1 Day
Intended Audience
High School or College Seminar
  • Textbook and internet examples of propaganda posters
  • Butcher paper
  • Pens and markers


Anticipatory set Within all advocacy campaigns there is a necessary common thread: propaganda. What is it? How do we use it?
Propaganda Handout: students read out loud, examples. Question students for understanding.
Group work Pass out a set of directions to each group and place directions on overhead. Read directions out loud as class reads silently. Groups create their posters following instructions.
NEXT DAY: Finish posters & PresentationsGroups present their posters. Class guesses on propaganda techniques used and targeted audience.

Group Instructions:

1. Familiarize yourself with the several propaganda techniques listed on the handout.

2. Choose one of your group’s issues for which you will create a poster for your campaign.

3. Decide tasks within your group: materiel officer; timekeeper/taskmaster; art director; reporter.

4. Determine which segment of the voting population your poster is trying to reach–general, women, wage earners, commuters, youth, etc. Remember you are trying to get the target audience to do something, for example, vote for your issue.

5. Decide upon the theme of your poster and which propaganda technique(s) you will use to heighten the effect of your message.

6. Each group will present their poster. The rest of us will guess which propaganda technique(s) your group used and what target audience your group is attempting to reach.