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This activity encourages participants to develop their visual analysis skills to interpret art, graphics, and other forms of visual communication.
Learning Style
Visual Analysis / Critical Thinking
Participants will practice slow-looking as a tool for interpreting the visual world by selecting one of two artworks to analyze and discuss.
1/2 Day
Intended Audience
High School or College Seminar.
  • Pen and paper
  • Projector or printed images


1. Have students/community members select one of two artworks commemorating George which they will analyze and discuss. “Flowers for George” is a woodcut by Elizabeth Catlett. Power to the People is a graphic created by OSPAAAL.

2. Have students/community members spend 5 minutes looking at the woodcut, jotting down observations. What do they see? Encourage students to avoid making interpretations about what they see at this point.

3. What questions come up for students as they look at the woodcut? Allow five minutes for students to jot down any questions that may need to be answered before beginning to interpret the print.

4. Break students up into groups where they can begin to answer their questions. Allow at least 10 minutes for discussion.

5. 10 min – provide historical context and biographical information about the artist.

6. Have participants spend about 20 minutes writing about the print, using specific visual elements as support for statements/claims.