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Former and Current Political Prisoners / Prisoners of War imprisoned in the United States.

Political Prisoner- A man or woman who is imprisoned, either awaiting trail, serving a sentence or in any other status, who is incarcerated by reason of acts, associations or beliefs in favor of self-determination for racially, sexually and nationally oppressed peoples, against United States foreign and military policy, or domestic policy of the United States or its corporations which contribute to the impoverishment, suffering and repression of poor and working people and racially and nationally oppressed peoples. 

The term political prisoner is not limited to those who are incarcerated merely for holding beliefs or having political affiliations. It encompasses those who have taken actions, either symbolic or tactical, which violate laws of the United States in pursuit of their political goals. The term political prisoner is used generically to include those who describe themselves as Prisoners of War and demand treatment under the Geneva Convention Protocols I and II. 

Political Prisoner- A term describing anyone who is incarcerated by reason of his or her commitment to struggle against injustices committed against the people by the United States, including racism, inequitable distribution of wealth and failure to provide a descent standard of living for all of its children, the genocide of indigenous peoples and cultures, colonialism, nuclear militarism, and support for anti-democratic and repressive regimes across the world.

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