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These resources provide additional information, insight, and depth to the life and legacy of George Jackson. The academic article entry requires institutional/subscription access.

A “video mixtape” tribute to George Jackson (b. September 23, 1941 – d. August 21, 1971) edited by Bashi Rose and Produced/Directed by Jared Ball with original music and arrangements from jazz drummer Billy Kilson, Tim Hicks of the Cornel West Theory, Hec Dolo, Andre McKnight, Jake Freeman, and Bashi Rose and readings, commentary and performances by David Johnson (former comrade), Umar bin Hasan, Maisi and Marley Ball, Bali and Conal Rose, Tallulah Gabriel, Rebel Diaz, K. Amori, Son of Nun, Slangston Hughes, Eddie Conway, Norman Jackson, Bilal Rahman, Laini Mataka, Tim Hicks and Falani Spivey.

Freedom Archives Production marking the anniversary of the Attica Prison Rebellion.